Industry Segment


Histology – Cancer Diagnostics based on Tissue/Biopsies
Cytology – Cancer Diagnostics based on Cells

ZytologieSerious and final diagnostics of cancer or precancerous situations are only possible in using either cells or the tissue. Other diagnostics methods are generally an addition but not a replacement of it. The trend towards more personalized treatment of cancer need the original cell or tissue sample for creating and testing the best alternative. This segment will therefore be increasingly important for future development of strategies to fight the “cancer epidemic” (WHO) with an expected about 50 % increase in cancer cases worldwide within the next 20 years.

The general industry trends are Higher Automation for more throughput in bigger laboratories, Process Standardization, Digitalization of cell and tissue slides and Computer Aided Diagnostic Systems, earlier diagnostics of cancer combined in cost effective solutions. Most governments in the world are planning to increase their investments in better cancer detection but try to keep their health care spendings

MEDITE is a one stop shop for Histology laboratories either as part of a hospital, as part of a chain of laboratories or individually. It is one out of only four companies worldwide offering all equipment and consumables for this kind of laboratories. The MEDITE Brand stand for innovative and high quality products – most equipment made in Germany – and competitive pricing.

For the Cytology market MEDITE offers consumable products and equipment in particular for Liquid Based Cytology which is the important tool in cancer screening and detection in the field of cervical, breast, lung and other cancer types.

Therefore MEDITE products are also the first choice for the growing demand in emerging countries.

This unique combination of advanced technology, cost effective consumables and new cancer markers offers Histology and Cytology laboratories the most innovative tools for an early diagnostic of pre-cancerous or cancerous conditions to help more patients to get the right and gentle treatment to continue a normal life.

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