MEDITE is well known in the industry for developing advanced technology engineered to support the workflow and processing of tissue and cells in histology and cytology laboratories. With the development of the first three piece tissue embedding center, the first software controlled Multistainer and the fastest Stainer-Glass-Coverslipping combination unit we were setting milestones in the industry. A team of almost 20 engineers for Software Development, Electronics (including own circuit board design) and 3-D design of mechanical modules and devices makes us to one of the most innovative companies in the industry with a pipeline of new products.

Beside of engineering higher stages of automation a second focus is on the development of innovative and cost effective consumable product, helping to reduce expenses while increasing the efficiency and quality in the histology and cytology laboratory workflow. Future developments target the computer aided diagnosis of C

This innovative Think Tank of scientific research and innovative engineers led to several important patents. The recently filed patents for total automation of histology tissue handling and for a new type of a pre cancer marker usable for several types of cancer have the potential to change the industry.

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