Research Focus

Cytology has long been widely used as a definitive means for the initial detection of cancer and pre-cancerous conditions. However, despite this well documented effectiveness, cytology also has a number of equally well documented shortcomings that limit this same effectiveness; the efficiency of laboratories performing these tests; and the deployment of cytological testing in resource constrained environments. MEDITE’s focus is on addressing these limitations with respect to any cancer or pre-cancerous condition that is or can be detected and/or evaluated by cytological methods. We are doing this by developing:

  • Improved cell collection devices
  • Improved and more cost effective methods of specimen preparation
  • Quantitative morphological stains that substantially reducestaining time and variability; eliminate the need for large volumes of organic solvents; and are fully compatible with both automated specimen processing and with immuno and other adjunctive and diagnostic special stains.
  • Immunostains that can be applied concurrently or sequentially to our morphological stains to facilitate cancer detection, diagnosis and characterization on the same specimen slide.
  • Advanced cytology workstations that address the well known ergonomic and workflow issues associated with conventional cytological microscopes.
  • Fully automated image-based cytology systems for the detection and characterization of cancers, atypias and dysplasias in cytological specimens.
  • Systems for the efficient capture, management and reporting of cytological data.
  • Telepathology systems for the remote review of cytological specimens.

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