MEDITE Cancer Diagnostics, Inc. ® (MDIT)

MEDITE® Group is a medical technology company specializing in the development, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of premium medical devices and consumables for detection, risk assessment and diagnosis of cancer and related diseases. MEDITE is poised to become a disruptive force from rapid revenue and market share growth resulting from the introduction of major innovative products in the multibillion dollar global histology and cytology cancer detection marketplace. Depending upon the type of cancer, segments within the current target market of approximately $5.8 billion are growing at annual rates of 10% to 30%. MEDITE anticipates significant growth in revenue and earnings over the next years from several growth trajectories.

Cancer is a major threat for mankind and the recently published “World Cancer Report 2014” by the World Health Organization, states that the number of cases will increase by about 57% to 22 million cases in the next two decades. At the same time cancer deaths will rise from 8.2 million to 13 million per year.

MEDITE’s current and future products will assist in the early diagnoses of cancer with superior sensitivity for detecting precancerous and cancerous conditions and provide the basis for more efficient and cost effective treatment through superior specificity which eliminates unnecessary tests and treatment for benign conditions originally suspected as precancerous or cancerous. The net effect of utilizing MEDITE’s anatomic pathology (tissue based) and cytology (cell based) products will result in more lives saved at lower costs.

The first avenue of growth for MEDITE is further utilizing the sales and distribution channels for core products upgraded by the recent launch of new products and the development of highly innovative new products expected to launch in the next few years. The second represents several new initiatives including our joint venture with UNIC Medical of China to sell core products as well as GYNE LBC and launch of new stains and biomarkers. The third is the eventual impact from the 2015 merger transaction with CytoCore (CYOE), a 14 year old venture stage American public company with significant new scientific advances in cervical and breast cancer biomarker and screening technology which are synergistic with MEDITE’s existing product lines.

Since the original purchase of MEDITE 8 years ago, the company has been focused on the development of new products while maintaining profitability. With access to the public capital markets facilitated by the CytoCore merger, MEDITE worldwide along with its partner, UNIC of China expect to expedite the automation in the US, ROW and Chinese anatomic pathology laboratory and cytology systems for the imaging of tissue biopsy and cell samples. By utilizing MEDITE’s coveted German engineered current and future anatomic pathology and cytology products, MEDITE expects to become a leader in complete anatomic pathology lab solutions covering slide processing, digitizing and imaging, image analysis, tele-pathology, as well as lab management.

MEDITEs partner UNIC is the founder of the China Association of Pathology Equipment which aims to standardize the lab processes and procedures in China including technician training and continuous education services. This process mandated in China because there are only 200 qualified pathologists for 1.4 billion people with 20,000 hospitals and about 500 new labs being opened every year could become a world standard as “more is done with less” through the results of uniform automation, and digitization utilizing MEDITE’s equipment and consumables such as stains and biomarkers.

Medite has recently received the first successful Chinese FDA registration on SureThin two microtome models and is expecting to receive registration on all other equipment and other MEDITE product offerings within the near future

As a one stop supplier for anatomic pathology laboratories and its existing business as one of the most experienced supplier in the field of Liquid-Based-Cytology MEDITE’s product line covers the complete laboratory process from the tissue biopsy or the cells to the finished microscopic slide. MEDITE is currently distributing into 83+ countries with the US, China and Europe being its primary growth markets.

In the US market MEDITE executed several distribution contracts. General anatomic pathology product non-exclusive contracts with major multi-billion dollar health care product suppliers and direct contracts with three of the largest Hospital Group Purchasing Organizations: HealthTrust, Premier and Magnet. For the cytology product line MEDITE executed contracts with a major US anatomic pathology company. One of these products is already selling very successfully in accordance with an OEM agreement very successfully. All MEDITE products will eventually be sold in accordance with these agreements.

MEDITE is hopeful that sales of CytoCore’s biomarkers for Breast and Cervical Cancers will be launched in 2018 of which significant sales are projected for 2018 and 2019. CytoCore believes its proprietary biomarkers and imaging technology developed over the last few years could conceivably detect incidences of cancer currently not detected in today’s multibillion cancer market. These biomarkers could also reduce healthcare cost by eliminating unnecessary testing procedures involving false suspected incidences of cancer. CytoCore’s Breast Cancer “risk evaluation” process using its biomarkers addresses a need for Breast Cancer evaluation for women between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. Self-evaluation is the primary method for Breast Cancer detection for women in this age group. Worldwide, 12.5% or one in eight women are expected to get Breast Cancer during their lifetime.

MEDITE employs over 80 people between the recently relocated worldwide headquarters in Orlando, Florida and the German manufacturing and R&D facility in Burgdorf, Germany as well as the R&D facility in Grays Lake, IL. MEDITE is a well-known innovator in the industry based on the development of the first programmable Multistainer, the first three piece Embedding Center and world’s fastest Glass-Coverslipper-Combination System. It is holding and has applied for several patents which it believes have the potential to have a major impact on the anatomic pathology and cytology industry. The current management team consists of:

Team Member Title Joined Medite Experience
Stephen Von Rump CEO April, 2017 15 yrs.
Jeff Rencher Chief Mkt & Bus. Dev. April, 2017 24 yrs.
Richard Domanik PhD. Chief Scientist (Formerly COO of CytoCore) 35 yrs.
Mike Kenealy Director of U.S Sales June, 2016 25 yrs.
Michael E. Jolley, PhD. Senior Scientist (Formerly with CytoCore) 38 yrs.
Daniel C. Kusswurm, PhD Senior Engineer Scientist (Formerly with CytoCore) 30 yrs.


Stephen Von Rump, Chief Executive Officer, email:
MEDITE Enterprise Inc., 4203 SW 34thStreet, Orlando, FL 32811, USA
Phone +1 407 996 9630, Fax +1 407 996 9631

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