Cancer Markers

We developed innovative pre-cancerous diagnostic markers which might have the potential to replace HPV testing for cervical cancer in the future.

These markers are not just saying there is a risk of cancer because of the detection of an HPV virus. Instead it identifies the small fraction of HPV infections that are likely to progress to cancer.

Please see the following study confirming our research strategy from March 5, 2015:

The DNA load of six high-risk human papillomavirus types and its association with cervical lesions.

These results are consistent with those in a number of other recent papers and with some of the things that we have been seeing with our new assay and associated algorithms. One of most important of these for our purposes is that cells that contain high levels of high risk HPV are actually relatively low risk for the development of cervical cancer with the specific type of HR HPV being a secondary factor. What this says is that even the genotyping HPV tests can be misleading unless morphology is also factored in.

MEDITE currently is following the necessary regulatory steps to prepare these new products for market entry.


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